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Rushwaya’s legacy woes haunt ZBC

BRENNA MATENDERE Harare--The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) is grappling with serious management challenges linked to Helliate Rushwaya — the newly appointed board chair — during her tenure as the acting chief executive officer…

Manicaland leverages on Zim Sino Relations

Ray Bande Mutare- Manicaland is working towards becoming Zimbabwe’s top investment destination amid growing Chinese interest in the province. According to the Zimbabwe Investment and Development Agency (ZIDA)’s 2023 Fourth Quarter…

Gold Mafia: Uebert Angel’s PR disaster

Uebert Angel is, easily, the man of the moment, for all the wrong reasons. He was recently outed by the Al Jazeera undercover investigative team for trying to aid gold and money laundering using his overestimated diplomatic immunity.…

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