Police accused of “turning blind eye” on Mnangagwa namedropper


Marshall Bwanya


Harare—The Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) is allegedly refusing to take action against a local businessman and ruling Zanu PF member, Blessed “JB” Kazembe, who is being accused of unleashing violence in the capital and claiming to be close to President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his family.


NewsHub has been informed that Kazembe—who repeatedly refused to talk to this publication on the issue—aspires to become the Zanu PF provincial chairman for Harare.


The businessman is reported to have recently visited Casino Marina at the Long Cheng Plaza in Harare where he later turned violent against a patron only identified as Marlon following an undisclosed past-midnight gambling dispute between the two.


After the physical altercation with Marlon, Kazembe returned to the gaming club where he brandished a reportedly armed gun at a security guard who was refusing him entry due to his previous violent behaviour.


After the incident, five hired bouncers came to the club and assaulted patrons and employees, NewsHub was told.


Kazembe, who was claiming to be part of the Mnangagwa family according to eye witnesses, muscled his way into the casino, forcing Marlon, who was also at the club on the second day, to hide within the premises.


Both the first and second incidents were captured on the casino’s security cameras.


Despite the Casino Marina management filing a police report at Milton Park police station that was recorded on RRB 5719052, Kazembe has not been arrested, leading to an outcry among patrons that he is being protected by the law enforcers because of his claimed links with the Mnangagwa family.


Employees and patrons said Kazembe has been coming to Casino Marina since the report against him was made, bragging that he is untouchable.


The national police spokesperson, Paul Nyathi, dismissed allegations of police bias but confirmed the report of illegally pointing a firearm involving Kazembe.


“The Zimbabwe Republic Police confirms that it is investigating a case of pointing a firearm which occurred at Casino Marina, Long Cheng, Belvedere, Harare, on 12 April 2024.


“The case is being investigated without fear or favour and the police is not aware that some of the parties involved are members of the first family or anyone linked to the family,” said Nyathi.


In another interview, presidential spokesperson, George Charamba, denied knowledge of Blessed Kazembe as a member of the first family, insisting that the law would be applied impartially.


“The fact that someone is a member of the first family does not put anyone above the law. I don’t know him (Kazembe) and I don’t need to know him.  What I know is the law and the first family is about the law.


“If the law is broken, the police act like they have always done. It’s an offence to brandish a weapon unnecessarily. For me. that’s when the conversation begins and ends,” said Charamba.


Employees and patrons urged the casino management to ban Kazembe.


The Casino Marina human resources manager, Zvisineyi Chirimuuta, dismissed the claim that Kazembe was getting preferential treatment, claiming that he had been allowed back once to “collect his dues”.


“I want to clarify that the individual in question was indeed banned from our premises. However, he returned the following night to collect outstanding funds.


“Regarding the ongoing investigation, we are fully cooperating with the Zimbabwe Republic Police and cannot provide further comments at this time. Our commitment remains ensuring the safety and security of our employees and patrons,” said Chirimuuta.



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